STH 241, 27th Street

Oak Creek, WI


STH 241, 27th Street


Oak Creek, WI


Wisconsin Department of Transportation


  • WisDOT SE Region Excellence in Concrete Paving Award

Scope and Limits of Construction Work

The goal was to reconstruct the existing roadway into a 6-lane median separated highway. The project was assigned a complexity rating of “high” which included multiple Stage changes and an addition of a winter stage not called out in the plans.

The highway had an average annual daily traffic of 34,800 vehicles/day. Project limits fell within 4 governing municipal agencies: City of Milwaukee, City of Green Field, City of Oak Creek and City of Franklin. Construction oversight included co-ordination with these 4 agencies on a regular basis.  176 businesses stretched throughout the span of the project. Maintaining complete access to all businesses during construction was an ongoing challenge.

The engineering design of this project presented several challenges. This project included multiple retaining walls, 6 lane concrete pavement, several major signalized intersections, storm sewer, electrical and water main work. The project also included urban streetscaping plans where colored concrete, architectural signing and benches were used to beautify the landscape.

A unique challenge to this project was developing a winter staging plan and maintaining access for each traveled way through the intersection all while maintaining access to businesses. All WisDOT’s time, budget, and performance goals were met by Bloom during the construction of this highway.