P&H Mining Improvements

Milwaukee, WI


P&H Mining Improvements


Milwaukee, WI


P&H Mining


2013 Mayor’s Design Award

Scope and Limits of Construction Work

P&H Mining hired Bloom Companies to address pedestrian safety issues associated with red light running at the S. 43rd Street intersection with W. National Avenue.  P&H’s office and manufacturing facilities are located north of National Avenue and their main employee parking lot is located south of National Avenue.  One of the study recommendations was to construct a new parking lot north of National Avenue.  

Bloom was hired to design the new parking lot as P&H made arrangements to purchase the 2.7 acres of land from the state of Wisconsin.  In addition to providing much needed parking relief for employee parking, the lot would also serve as a gateway to potential new clients from around the world.  The project was coordinated with several agencies including the City of Milwaukee, Village of West Milwaukee, Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewage District (MMSD). 

The site improvements reflect the company’s desire to create a world class experience for visitors, employees and the community.  Several features were included to portray the rich mining history associated with P&H Mining.  LED light fixtures replicate the cable-strung geometry of an electric rope mining shovel.  Local stone outcroppings create a rugged foreground to the site’s main focal point, a restored 1979 2100 BL mining shovel at the corner of National Ave. and Miller Park Way.  At over 51ft in height and one million pounds in weight before many of the moving parts were removed, this monument stands as a testament to all those who have worked for P&H Mining (now Joy Global) and solidifies the bond between the company and the community through Joy Global’s commitment to their West Milwaukee facilities.