Pace South Holland

Cook County, Illinois


Pace South Holland


Cook County, Illinois


Pace Bus Authority

Scope and Limits of Construction Work

Bloom Companies, LLC provided architectural design, program verification and engineering services for the Renovation Study of this 1981 PACE bus facility. PACE requested a top to bottom study of the Building Envelope, Structural framing, Site Conditions and all the MEP Systems. Along with the repairs, PACE requested analysis of potential upgrades.
The original building had been updated over the course of the decades and needed further work to bring it up to Code, effect major Architectural & Structural renovations and investigate possible hazardous Site conditions, due to abandoned storage fuel tanks around the property.

A thorough investigation of the property revealed that previous remodeling had compromised the building envelope. A commissioned report revealed the existence of asbestos requiring remediation. A Phase I Environmental Report revealed the possibility of contaminated soils, requiring the need for a Phase II Study.

The Renovation Report was followed by a Conceptual Design Report for a new PACE Acceptance Facility to be built in phases on the same site. The eventual structure will be re-commissioned as a Para-Transit Facility. The Para-Transit Facility is a Garage / Repair center for the small Vans as well as a communications center hub. The Concept Design allows for future flexibility and will function in the interim as the Acceptance Facility for road ready fitting of the large PACE buses. Extensive Site work design will bring the more stringent storm-water requirements to code and allow for future increased parking.

The two studies allowed PACE to come to a resolution of the current and future facility requirements.