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Bloom’s leadership is continuously monitoring the developments and guidelines issued by the Federal, State, and Local Governments in controlling the spread of COVID-19. While doing our part to protect the health and welfare of our employees and prevent the spread of the virus in our communities, we strive to serve our clients and maintain the same level of quality service.

We have implemented a COVID-19 Task Force to monitor, study, make decisions, and communicate on all matters related to the spread of the virus, safety and welfare of our employees and serving our clients
responsibly. We have implemented the following policies and procedures for our employees to work remotely and still serve our clients efficiently:

– Suspend all non-essential business travel

– Implement a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine on staff returning from any international travel

– Work from home to the extent possible for the immediate future

– Reduce onsite meetings where possible

– Follow social distancing guidelines recommended by CDC

– Provide timely and relevant COVID-19 communication through our policy updates

– Encourage online team meetings for team, project and client communications

We have invested and activated software that will allow our staff to work remotely. We are confident the commitment of our staff, technology and active supervision by our management team will allow us to serve our valued clients efficiently during these challenging times. As this situation continues to evolve, we will update you with the necessary information. We will not burden you with too many e-mails or phone calls as we value and respect your time and commitment to your duties.

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