Zuari River Bridge

Goa, India


Zuari River Bridge


Goa, India


Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Scope and Limits of Construction Work

Goa is a state in India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. A former Portuguese Colony, Goa is known for it’s beaches and is a popular tourist destination today.

NH17/NH66 is the National Highway along the North-South coastline. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways – India under took the design and construction of the Zuari River Bridge and approaches with an estimated construction cost of INR 14,600 Million (USD 225 Million). Bloom Companies was hired as the Authority Engineer for Package I & III of the project for a combined construction cost of INR 8,577 Million (USD 132 Million).

The north approach (Package I) with a total length of 8.32 km includes 3.18 km of elevated 6 lane highway and ramps. The elevated highway (flyover or viaduct) is of segmental spine and wing construction. The project is constructed along an environmentally sensitive corridor, with stringent wetland restoration requirements.

The south approach (Package III) with a total length of 3.67 km consist of constructing 6 lane elevated highway (flyover or viaduct) 3.2 km long, to eliminate traffic congestion; and reconstructing the existing roadway for local traffic. The elevated highway superstructures is of segmental construction with wing segments post tensioned in the lateral direction.